About this Project

Société Nationale d’Exploitation des Terres du Delta du Fleuve Sénégal et des Vallées du Fleuves Sénégal et de la Falémé (SAED) is a parastatal organization based in Senegal’s northern city of St Louis and works along the valley of the River Senegal.  After 10 years of working on issues related to agricultural development, they held a regional conference to share findings on the work that they were doing with other countries within Africa.  Emé developed and implemented a branding and communication strategy for the conference, including producing a daily summary for participants.

Sector: State Institute, Research, Agriculture

Brief:  Bright, Authoritative, Symbolic

Deliverables: Conference Communication Strategy, Publications, Communication supports, Conference Branding and Event support

Country: Dakar, Senegal

Date: 2014