why emé?

So emé started as a tiny seed of an idea, back in 2001, Jojoh was a design student in the UK.  She realised that the design she was learning about, would not entirely fit with the reality back home, in west Africa.  Some elements could work, however, there needed to be a different approach to designing African solutions for an African context that wasn’t simply transplanting.  And so she started imagining an innovative design agency that understood the unique context, whilst maintaining a high-level of quality.

Meanwhile, here in Dakar, Senegal, Cheikh was also thinking about how to develop better, more effective ways for people within his community to better engage with information that changes the status quo for good.  He worked with young people and women, and realised that their empowerment also meant better access to information, which in turn built self-confidence and better decision-making. He recognised that a lot of the time, information was out there but not made accessible because the formats or language used did not suit the African audience and context. And so he became more passionate about making sure that the right information was in their hands.

When the founders met in 2010, there was an instant connection, and they worked on a number of projects together, before finally co-founding emé in 2013.  We’ve since grown into a reputable design agency, known for it’s creative approaches, solutions that fit and professionalism.  And whilst it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, with a lot of fun and lesson learning on the way, we still hold true to our core vision of being

an energetic, thriving creative agency that helps clients, both locally and internationally to solve problems with innovative solutions.

Oh, and in case, you were wondering, the name emé naturally is multi-dimensional in it’s meanings!  First of all, it’s an African name from the Efik language and means ‘precious stone, precious pearls of the ocean’. It reflects how we approach design, investing tirelessly to develop timeless and valuable solutions.  Pronounced ‘aimé’, which is the same as ‘love’ in French, it also captures the passion and energy we have for what we do.  And finally, Emé is also a girl’s name in Germany, which means ‘all-containing; universal’, showing how we see design thinking as a transversal and holistic way of understanding and contributing to our shared world.

As simple as it is, emé promotes our core message of being innovative, passionate and authentic, in one neat little package! 😉